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Our Food

We’re a little crazy about our devotion to high-quality food here at Shoo Mama’s. We believe that freshness and taste go hand-in-hand. We try to buy as much as we can from local farms. Here are a few of the great partners that help supply the delicious food here at Shoo Mama’s.

    • John F. Martin & Sons of Lancaster County brings us fantastic meats & cheeses.
    • Our milk, butter and cream come to us from Baily’s Dairy.
    • We get pasture-raised Angus beef from K&M Farms.
    • Martin’s Quality Eggs of Lancaster County delivers our eggs.
    • Our mushrooms arrive fresh from our friends at Phillips Mushroom Farm.
    • We buy only the freshest, most succulent local produce from great partners like Thornbury Farm, Wynnorr Farm and Pete’s Produce.

All products are organic, natural and locally-sourced when possible. We also specialize in gluten-free food preparation, and have tasty options for vegetarians. Shoo Mama’s is a peanut-free facility, and we are happy to accommodate any food allergies you may have.